The Great American Picture Sorter


What's GAPS? Why it's the Great American Picture Sorter, of course...

I'm a packrat. I've got gigs of unsorted images saved from websites, taken with my digital cameras, and gods know where else. GAPS is a tool to quickly and easily categorize huge collections into different directories. It's served me well, and it's probably the one Windows app I most miss on my Mac. Fortunately, I've got the source (having written the thing), so one of these days, I'll get around to translating VB.NET to Cocoa. Hours of enjoyment, you can be sure!



The Windows version of GAPS is rather unfinished at this point. While it contains a minor shareware nag, I never did get around to setting up the architecture to do software registrations. Aside from the nag at startup, GAPS will continue running indefinitely without any need to register it. I've moved my development efforts for GAPS over to the MacOS version, but I want to leave this version here on the off chance someone finds it useful. If you're crazy enough to want to pay me for this mess, feel free to send a few bucks to my PayPal account. Don't by any means feel obligated to do so, though. You can send money to aramis@adirondack·net.



Note: You'll need Microsoft's .NET Framework version 1.1 or later to run this program. You can download the framework through WindowsUpdate or get it here:
DotNET Framework



* First version with a real installer! 
* Includes auto-update support w/ DSA Signature checking
* Full build harness -- from source to 
   installer in under a minute!

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