The BarWench

Drink Recipes on your Laptop

My lovely girlfriend was for a short time a bartender. She loved it, and asked to have a particular drink listing copied to her laptop. So I went a little overboard... The BarWench is a fairly complete drink database (mostly alcoholic drinks) complete with advanced searching, favorites, etc., etc.

This app is written in VisualBasic.NET, so you'll need the .NET runtime if you don't already have it.



The BarWench is somewhat dormant at the moment, and the Windows version may or may not be developed in the future. If you find this program exceptionally useful, please consider sending $10 to my PayPal account. I can't promise any kind of prompt support or bug fixes, but I'll do my best to address any bug reports that I might receive. There are no nag screens, no reg codes, no time outs, no nothing... If you'd rather not pay me for this, so be it... You can send money to my PayPal account -- aramis@adirondack·net.


The Database

The drink database used in the BarWench is from I've tried several times to contact the webmaster of that site for permission to use his drinks database in this program. I've been holding back any kind of release of this app until I got clearance to use the database. I've emailed several times over the course of several months and haven't heard any response, yea or nea. I'll pull this down in a second if the folks at don't want it up here. Just respond to the emails I sent.



Note: You'll need Microsoft's .NET Framework version 1.1 or later to run this program. You can download the framework through WindowsUpdate or get it here:
DotNET Framework



* "In My Bar" Search option
* Manage "In My Bar" from one grid
* Extended expiration date

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