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Playlist movie player for MacOS X

MOOView is a simple movie player utility that supports SMIL playlists. I started writing MOOView because I was frustrated by the available movie players for MacOS X. Nothing that I could find provided a simple, single-window, STABLE player with an easy playlist creation process. MOOView fills that need.

MOOView currently uses QuickTime to play movies, so its abilities are somewhat limited. It will play MOV, QT, and MP4 files of course. It should also play MPG's and some AVI files, depending on which QuickTime codecs you have installed on your system.

Development is currently in progress to adapt MPlayer's playback engine to work in a MacOS Quartz window. Once that code is ready, MOOView will be update to use MPlayer to play videos. At that point, MOOView should handle everything except Windows Media 9 and some very old AVI codecs (the original Indeo, amoung others).

MOOView has an auto-update feature built in, so once you download and install it, you should be able to get updates from within the program.


About the name

I'm not really sure... Originally, I was thinking a play on the QuickTime MOOV resource, plus the word 'View.' You could pronounce it Moo-View (thus the bovine reference in the tagline) or perhaps even Move-You.

It was late at night at the time, and I was running on nosleep. You figure it out. =)



MOOView is still under development, and as such is released free of charge for the time being. I haven't got the heart to charge anyone for my buggy mess of an app. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like MOOView, feel free to send some cash my way via PayPal, but please don't feel obligated. I plan to turn this into full fledged beg-ware once I get it closer to "finished." That is to say, I'll still only ask nicely, but I'll invoke visions of my starving family and the poor destitute coder who put this together for you. Or something like that...

I don't plan to cripple MOOView or introduce nag screens (execept maybe for once when it launches for the first time). You're free to use MOOView as you see fit.

MOOView is probably "beta" class software at this point. I try very hard to never release unstable or potentially destructive builds, but sometimes accidents happen. MOOView, as with all of my software, comes with NO WARRANTY. If it breaks, you get the pieces, but I'd appreciate a bug report.



* Multiple-windows now works.  Using NSDocument to manage everything
* Fix for CrashReporter not terminating
* New icon

* Program now informs Finder than it can handle SMIL files.
* Recent documents menu works
* Fixed random toolbar

* Playlist saving now works (SMIL format).  Need to add robustness to parse
* Auto playlist advance works.
* Scale to fit works.

* Initial release.  Not feature complete.

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