The Great American Picture Sorter

GAPS is an image sorting and viewing application written to deal with enormous folders full of images. It can easily handle hundreds of thousands of images per folder and continue to operate quickly and stably.


Panther Build

This Panther build is confirmed to work on MacOS X 10.3.9. It may also work on earlier versions.

If you use Tiger, you should download the latest Release build or perhaps the Beta build instead. Both of those versions are compiled to take advantage of performance enhancements only available in Tiger.

Latest Beta Version: 0.80 (build 3473) 02-Jul-2007 15:00:42 EDT
Download Size: 1,028,276 bytes


GAPS is released as nag-free shareware. There are no time bombs, no annoying warning messages, no nothing... If you find GAPS useful, please consider the amount of time it took to create and the amount of time it saves you sorting images. If you can find it in your heart to throw the author a few bucks for his work, it would be much appreciated. If not... well... No hard feelings, I guess.

GAPS, as with all of my software, comes with NO WARRANTY. If it breaks, you get the pieces, but I'd appreciate a bug report.


Panther ChangeLog

GAPS ChangeLog:

Version 0.80

On 11-Nov-2006:
 * [ticket:164] Creation of new sorting sets was broken.
 * [ticket:89] Numerous fixes to consistency of sorting GUI.

On 27-Sep-2006:
 * [ticket:89] Sorting by name, file size, or image dimensions is now supported.

On 16-Sep-2006:
 * [ticket:158] Race condition caused crash when a cache is loaded in background.
 * [ticket:143] Delete in DupeFinder sped up by deferring all cache notifications.
 * [ticket:159] Fixed race condition where images would stop loading when file list was clicked.
 * [ticket:153] Improved handling of Unicode filenames.

On 04-Jun-2006:
 * [ticket:144] Open dialog in DupeFinder gives option to set protected flag.
On 07-Jun-2006:
 * [ticket:138] Rotate and zoom work more properly when used together.
 * [ticket:155] Significantly reduced locking in progress panel & BG cache thread.  Faster!
On 09-Jun-2006:
 * [ticket:156] AutoUpdate prompts for admin password if current user lacks rights to complete update.


NOTE: Older entries archived to ChangeLog-Historical.txt to save on bundle size. 

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