The Great American Picture Sorter

GAPS is an image sorting and viewing application written to deal with enormous folders full of images. It can easily handle hundreds of thousands of images per folder and continue to operate quickly and stably.


Beta Version

Be warned: My beta's are usually pretty raw. Don't download this unless you're ready for lots of crashes and annoying bugs. (Then again, you probably shouldn't download the release version either if you're not ready for crashes and bugs.)

Latest Beta Version: 0.80 (build 3558) 18-Apr-2010 14:57:53 EDT
Download Size: 1,350,248 bytes


GAPS is released as nag-free shareware. There are no time bombs, no annoying warning messages, no nothing... If you find GAPS useful, please consider the amount of time it took to create and the amount of time it saves you sorting images. If you can find it in your heart to throw the author a few bucks for his work, it would be much appreciated. If not... well... No hard feelings, I guess.

GAPS is probably "beta" class software at this point. I try very hard to never release unstable or potentially destructive builds of GAPS, but sometimes accidents happen. GAPS works well for me, and I use it on a daily basis personally. That said, it's far from done. GAPS, as with all of my software, comes with NO WARRANTY. If it breaks, you get the pieces, but I'd appreciate a bug report.


BETA ChangeLog

GAPS ChangeLog:

Version 0.90

On 23-Jan-2010:
 * Fix several character encoding issues which causes corrupt caches with Unicode filenames read from a Linux NFS server.  Includes fixes to repair existing caches damaged by this issue.


NOTE: Older entries archived to ChangeLog-Historical.txt to save on bundle size. 

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