A simple webcam viewer for MacOS X

BB is a simple webcam viewer application for MacOS X. This is BB's Beta download page. For the latest stable version, you should try here.


Beta Version

Be warned: My beta's are usually pretty raw. Don't download this unless you're ready for lots of crashes and annoying bugs. (Then again, you probably shouldn't download the release version either if you're not ready for crashes and bugs.)

Latest Beta Version: 1.1 (build 345)
Download Size: 127,004 bytes
Download: http://www.thebedells.org/software/BB/Beta/BB-


BB is released as donationware. There are no nag screens, no reg codes, no time outs, no nothing...

If you don't register BB, it'll still keep going the same way forever and ever. My only hope is that the nagging guilt in the pit of your stomach convinces you to finally give in and toss me a couple of bucks for my work. If you think BB is useful and worth $5 to support my future development efforts, you can send money to my PayPal account -- aramis@adirondack·net.


BETA ChangeLog

B.B. ChangeLog
1.2 -- Universal Binary, converted to Xcode 2 and build system from GAPS.
1.1 -- Fixed window position not restoring if windows were offscreen at quit
	-- Fixed double help menu
	-- Fixed repeated Prefs nag on no (active) viewers
	-- Updated bug URLs to new Bugzilla server
	-- Preferences saves happen much less frequently (only when needed)	
	-- Added Refresh All and Close All menu items to Window menu
1.0 -- Can now view an unlimited number of different images at once
	-- Right-click for context menu on viewer windows
	-- Added help!
0.6 -- Removed some debugging messages
	-- "Couldn't load image" error is only displayed after five seconds of failure
	-- Recompiled w/ November update of GCC
0.5 -- Previous window size is now correctly restored on startup.
	-- Image updates will stop and resume automatically when fast user switching
		switches away and back to a session running BB.
	-- Image refresh should start up more quickly after a computer wakes.
0.4 -- Fixed several cases where refresh would stop after an error
	-- Displays message over image if unable to retrieve
	-- Auto-backoff on refresh time in case of failure.  Normal refresh
		time continues after a successful download.  Max backoff is 
		five minutes.
	-- New icon (Eye of Horus)
0.3 -- Added snap-to-edge when moving window.
0.2 -- Fixed memory leak with NSURL cache.  
	-- Image would stop updating permanently after failed download.  Now timer reschedules after
	-- Rebuilt w/ compiler from XCode 1.5
0.1 -- Initial Release

$HeadURL: https://penpen.thebedells.dyndns.org/svn/repos/BB/trunk/ChangeLog.txt $
$Id: ChangeLog.txt 36 2006-01-13 21:49:44Z pendor $


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