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I geek for a living and in my spare time. A few of the projects I've hacked on might actually be useful to someone. Listed below are the various spare-time projects I've decided to take public.

If you REALLY like one of these, feel free to send a couple of bucks to my PayPal account (email address is here). If you really HATE one of these projects, feel free to keep it to yourself. If you have problems, you can email me; but don't be insulted if I don't get right back to you. The paying stuff has to come first, ya know...




DynSigFix is a patch for Apple's that reenables AppleScript access to set email signature text.



BB is a very small and simple webcam viewer utility for MacOS X.



GAPS is an image viewing and sorting utility for MacOS X.



MOOView is a playlist-based movie player for MacOS X.


Microsoft Windows

The BarWench

The BarWench is an extensive drink database. (Requires .NET 1.1 or newer)



GAPS.NET is an image viewing and sorting utility for Windows. (Requires .NET 1.1 or newer)




YacSend is a shameless hack of Greg Gardner's elseed Tivo caller-id package. YacSend has been gutted of all Tivo, modem, and OSD capabilities. All it does is send YAC messages to a list of YAC clients on your network.

elseed is originally Copyright (C) 2002 by Greg Gardner.

You can find the original elseed here:
More info on YAC can be found here:

This whole mess is of course released under the GPL, consistent with elseed's license.

All features belong to Mr. Gardner. All bugs are my own...



mod_auth_odbc allows Apache web server to authenticate users against ODBC datasources.



Solution Graphics

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